Best Bike Helmets


If you are a cycling enthusiast, investing in a good bike helmet should be a priority. Bike helmets are designed for different cycling sports, with some being suited to specific disciplines, such as mountain or road biking. However, not all types of bike helmets offer the same level of head protection. The differing design designs make some types practical for winning protection and others best for fashion. Therefore, when searching for the best bike helmets, understanding the various types is key to making a good choice.

The majority of cycling helmets can fit men, women, kids, and unisex. Typical bike helmets have two parts, the hard outer shell, and a soft inner lining. In the case of unexpected accidents, the hard outer layer spreads the impact over a broad area protecting direct impact to the skull. The inner layer absorbs the energy from the impact, ensuring that minimal force gets to the head

Types of Bike Helmets

Below is a quick look at the various types of bike helmets for different riding styles.

  1. Road Cycling Helmets

Road cycling helmets feature a lightweight and aerodynamic design for smooth riding. They are made from a tough plastic shell with thick interior foam padding that provides great comfort. Road cycling helmets also have thin chin straps that provide a snug fit to cycling enthusiasts and large vents that offer great cooling potential. The streamlined design reduces air resistance, making it perfect for racing speed.

Designers of road cycling helmets presume that those using these helmets will likely fall on smooth surfaces such as tarmac in case of accidents. This means there are minimal stray objects that can pass through the vents to cause injuries. Mountain bike helmets, on the contrary, have great coverage and restricted airflow because of these reasons.

Overall, road cycling helmets appear sleeker, racier, and compact. Their price range is determined by the brand, weight, and ventilation. Good examples of road cycling helmets include the Kask Protone and the Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet.

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  1. Mountain Biking Helmets

If you plan to take your cycling adventures to the trails, mountain biking helmets should be your bike helmets of choice. These helmets are quite different from road bike helmets for specific reasons. For instance, unlike road cycling helmets, they have a visor at the front that provides protection to the riders, keeping dirt and sun out of their eyes.

Typical mountain biking helmets are thick and have thick straps that keep them in place as you conquer the bumpy rails. They also provide varying degrees of protection at the back and side of the head, with some designs resembling full head helmets complete with jaw protection.

The majority of these best bike helmets feature a fully enclosed design. However, choosing a half enclosed or fully enclosed design depends on the type of riding you engage in. Always choose one that offers maximum protection. As a rule of thumb, the gnarlier the riding trail, the more protection you need. For instance, if you are riding downhill, you should get a full head mountain biking helmet that offers maximum protection.

Similarly, if you are riding in an all-mountain trail or Enduro, get a well-ventilated helmet. Examples of the best mountain biking helmets include the Ouwor Mountain Bike Helmet, POC Tectal Race Spin Mountain Biking Helmet, and the Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet.

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  1. BMX Helmets

Typical BMX helmets that are found in skate parks are perfect for various sports, including roller blading, skateboarding, and BMX bike riding. These helmets feature a hard outer shell, rounded design with small air vents. They are also comparatively heavier than most types of bike helmets. Their popularity in parks means that they provide excellent protection from injuries due to falling on bars and ramps when trying various tricks.

BMX racing is not simple and requires that you find a helmet that offers superior protection. For this case, consider BMX helmets that offer full protection from the back and sides of your head. This will provide peace of mind for big tricks and BMX racing where risks of collision and crashing are high.

Some of the best BMX helmets available on the market include the Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike and Skate Helmet, the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet, and Fox Head Flight Trail Bike Helmet.


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  1. Generic Biking Helmets

As the name suggests, Generic helmets are multi-use helmets for bike riding enthusiasts. They are affordable and provide adequate protection for normal riding. However, they are heavier and aerodynamically less compared to road helmets, thus suitable for one in a time off-road and commuter riding but not good for all cycling styles.

Good examples of general biking helmets include the Bell Disney Minnie Mouse Bike Helmet, Moon Adult Bicycle Helmets, and the Bell Child and Toddler Bike Helmets.

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  1. Full-Face Cycling Helmets

Full-face helmets are the go-to motorcycle helmets that provide unmatched protection. Similarly, these cycling helmets provide extreme protection for extreme off-road cycling, such as going down steep hills. They resemble motorcycle helmets only that they are relatively lightweight and have fewer air vents.

Full-face cycling helmets feature additional built-in chin guards and full visors that keep mud, rain, and unexpected flying debris away. Some examples of these helmets include the Bell Super 3R Helmets with MIPS.

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  1. Triathlon Helmets

As you may know, Triathlon is all about speed. Therefore, triathlon helmets have a goal of providing much aerodynamics as possible. They are smooth and rounded to allow efficient airflow over the helmet when riding at high speeds. Triathlon helmets are common with cyclists on time trial bikes riding on aerodynamic positions. Some helmets have a pointed back design, which is deemed efficient for speed.

Best examples of triathlon helmet include the Rock Bros Aero TT Helmet, Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet, and Basecamp Bike Helmet.

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The Bottom Line

Whereas it is true that having a helmet is better than having none, ensure that you choose one that suits your riding style. Helmet designs, over time, have evolved for various reasons, including enhancing protection, speed, and appearance. For every reason, you should decide which feature is crucial to bettering your riding escapades. If it comes to making the best bike helmets decision between protection and fashion, think of your head.