Best Cricket Helmet

Best Cricket Helmets Brands

Cricket helmets are an essential piece of cricket protective gear for cricket players of all levels, including batsmen, close fielders, and wicket keepers. They protect the head from flying cricket balls, making it an essential accessory for all games. Like any other sports gear, the wide array of cricket helmets may make it daunting to find the best helmet.

There is no single perfect cricket helmet, but there is always one that is right for you. The various types and brands available on the market may make it challenging to select the right choice. Below are some of the best cricket helmets brands available on the market.


  1. Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmet

The Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets are popular and widely used cricket helmets. The manufacturer, Gray Nicolls, have evolved their helmets over time in terms of material use and design. Modern helmets from this brand have reduced weight and increased player comfort whilst maintaining quality protection.

What gives confidence to the majority of those who prefer this brand is that Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets was the first manufacturer to receive approval of Australian and British standards. Overall, helmets from this brand provide a perfect balance between comfort, durability, and protection.

If you would like to try the Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets products, the Gray Nicolls Atomic Cricket Helmet and Gray Nicolls Test Opener Cricket Helmet are good options.

Gray Nicolls Test Opener Helmet
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Gray Nicolls Atomic Cricket Helmets
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  1. Masuri Cricket Helmet

Masuri Vision Series Cricket Helmets are another well-established British designed helmets widely used in the international cricket games. Masuri prides in being always on the forefront of innovation, having invested heavily to boost the safety and performance of their helmets in a bid to meet the demands of modern gaming.

The Masuri Vision Series Cricket Helmets are a common scene in international games, thanks to their high level of impact protection and unbeatable comfort. The brand offers both steel and titanium grille options for players to choose their preferred construction.

Some of the best categories of Masuri Cricket Helmets include the Masuri Core Range helmets, Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmets, and the Masuri Vision Series Test Cricket Helmets.

Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmets
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Masuri Vision Series Test Cricket Helmets
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  1. Shrey Cricket Helmet

Shrey Cricket Helmets are another common household name in the world of cricket helmets. These helmets are engineered to provide maximum comfort and are lightweight yet doesn’t compromise on the quality of protection that they offer. Like other best products on the market, these helmets provide increased face, side, and back protection. The wide coverage is a guarantee of ultimate protection from these helmets.

Among the best Shrey Cricket Helmets on the market, including the Shrey Air 2.0 Steel Wicket Keeping Helmet, Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet, and the Shrey Armor Cricket Helmet.

Shrey Air 2.0 Steel Wicket Keeping Helmet,
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Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet
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Shrey Armor Cricket Helmet.
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  1. Kookaburra Cricket Helmet

The Kookaburra Cricket Helmets represent excellent value helmets that won’t let you down in terms of comfort and protection. The manufacturer claims that these helmets are developed with a comfort fit concept, where two sizes of helmets are accommodated in a single helmet type. Comfort fit technology also provides better fit and comfort to players.

To improve the overall experience, the Kookaburra Cricket Helmets leverage KCS dial, which allows players to adjust the helmet with ease for a better fit. Note that helmets with good fit provide better vision and protects the players better. Also, as with other high-end models, these helmets have airflow vents inside and outside the helmet that assure convenient airflow is achieved.

Some of the best Kookaburra Cricket Helmets include the Kookaburra Pro 400 Cricket Helmet, Kookaburra Pro 1500 Helmet, and the Kookaburra Pro 1200 Helmets.

Kookaburra Pro  Cricket Helmet
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  1. Gunn & Moore Cricket Helmet

Since inception, the Gunn & Moore Cricket Helmets have delivered high-quality cricket head protection gear that meets all the industry standards. Their products comply with updated international regulations requiring that helmets should provide great impact absorption and a perfect fit. The inclusion of GEO Steel Grille greatly reduces the chances of the cricket ball penetrating the gap, which is a common phenomenon with low-quality cricket helmets.

The Gunn & Moore Cricket Neon Geo Pro Cricket Helmets and the Gunn & Moore Cricket Purist Geo II Cricket Helmet are just but a few quality helmets from Gunn & Moore.

Gunn & Moore Cricket Purist Geo II Cricket
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  1. Hunts County Cricket Helmet

The Hunts County Cricket Helmets offer a wide selection of affordable cricket helmets. Hunts County is probably a lesser-known manufacturer that has a great selection of helmets on the market. Their products perfectly suit cricket enthusiasts who need quality helmets, but on a budget. They also provide various categories, including senior and junior helmets for adults and kids.

The Hunts County Xero Cricket Helmet is a preferred purchase by most who have tried products from this brand.


  1. MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmet

The MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmets are the first-ever brand to extend the lower head protection design in cricket helmets. With this configuration, players won’t require a stem guard, thus reducing the weight of the helmet whilst improving the level of protection provided. The front design of MoonWallkr helmet is designed from extensive research that offers the best shape for clear vision without compromising the helmet’s safety.

These helmets also have up to 30 air vents that provide the best air ventilation for the wearer. The aerodynamic design also reduces the impact force as it deflects the ball instead of resisting. On the interior, the pliable eps foam provides maximum comfort for the player to sustain even the toughest forces. The MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmet is a good helmet option from this brand.


The Bottom Line

Just like other sports accessories, cricket helmets come with various features. Therefore, you should identify the various features that characterize the best cricket helmet. For instance, find helmets that offer the utmost durability, comfort, and protection. Note that the material construction of the helmets determines the quality of the helmet.

Every brand has helmets that suit different players and their roles in the game. For instance, all brands have wicket-keeping helmets that suit wickets. Similarly, all manufacturers also provide junior helmets that suit young enthusiastic cricket players.