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Best Bike Helmets


If you are a cycling enthusiast, investing in a good bike helmet should be a priority. Bike helmets are designed for different cycling sports, with some being suited to specific disciplines, such as mountain or road biking. However, not all types of bike helmets offer the same level of head protection. The differing design designs make some types practical for winning protection and others best for fashion. Therefore, when searching for the best bike helmets, understanding the various types is key to making a good choice.

The majority of cycling helmets can fit men, women, kids, and unisex. Typical bike helmets have two parts, the hard outer shell, and a soft inner lining. In the case of unexpected accidents, the hard outer layer spreads the impact over a broad area protecting direct impact to the skull. The inner layer absorbs the energy from the impact, ensuring that minimal force gets to the head

Types of Bike Helmets

Below is a quick look at the various types of bike helmets for different riding styles.

  1. Road Cycling Helmets

Road cycling helmets feature a lightweight and aerodynamic design for smooth riding. They are made from a tough plastic shell with thick interior foam padding that provides great comfort. Road cycling helmets also have thin chin straps that provide a snug fit to cycling enthusiasts and large vents that offer great cooling potential. The streamlined design reduces air resistance, making it perfect for racing speed.

Designers of road cycling helmets presume that those using these helmets will likely fall on smooth surfaces such as tarmac in case of accidents. This means there are minimal stray objects that can pass through the vents to cause injuries. Mountain bike helmets, on the contrary, have great coverage and restricted airflow because of these reasons.

Overall, road cycling helmets appear sleeker, racier, and compact. Their price range is determined by the brand, weight, and ventilation. Good examples of road cycling helmets include the Kask Protone and the Smith Portal MIPS Bike Helmet.

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  1. Mountain Biking Helmets

If you plan to take your cycling adventures to the trails, mountain biking helmets should be your bike helmets of choice. These helmets are quite different from road bike helmets for specific reasons. For instance, unlike road cycling helmets, they have a visor at the front that provides protection to the riders, keeping dirt and sun out of their eyes.

Typical mountain biking helmets are thick and have thick straps that keep them in place as you conquer the bumpy rails. They also provide varying degrees of protection at the back and side of the head, with some designs resembling full head helmets complete with jaw protection.

The majority of these best bike helmets feature a fully enclosed design. However, choosing a half enclosed or fully enclosed design depends on the type of riding you engage in. Always choose one that offers maximum protection. As a rule of thumb, the gnarlier the riding trail, the more protection you need. For instance, if you are riding downhill, you should get a full head mountain biking helmet that offers maximum protection.

Similarly, if you are riding in an all-mountain trail or Enduro, get a well-ventilated helmet. Examples of the best mountain biking helmets include the Ouwor Mountain Bike Helmet, POC Tectal Race Spin Mountain Biking Helmet, and the Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet.

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  1. BMX Helmets

Typical BMX helmets that are found in skate parks are perfect for various sports, including roller blading, skateboarding, and BMX bike riding. These helmets feature a hard outer shell, rounded design with small air vents. They are also comparatively heavier than most types of bike helmets. Their popularity in parks means that they provide excellent protection from injuries due to falling on bars and ramps when trying various tricks.

BMX racing is not simple and requires that you find a helmet that offers superior protection. For this case, consider BMX helmets that offer full protection from the back and sides of your head. This will provide peace of mind for big tricks and BMX racing where risks of collision and crashing are high.

Some of the best BMX helmets available on the market include the Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike and Skate Helmet, the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet, and Fox Head Flight Trail Bike Helmet.


Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike
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Triple Eight Dual
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Fox Head Flight
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  1. Generic Biking Helmets

As the name suggests, Generic helmets are multi-use helmets for bike riding enthusiasts. They are affordable and provide adequate protection for normal riding. However, they are heavier and aerodynamically less compared to road helmets, thus suitable for one in a time off-road and commuter riding but not good for all cycling styles.

Good examples of general biking helmets include the Bell Disney Minnie Mouse Bike Helmet, Moon Adult Bicycle Helmets, and the Bell Child and Toddler Bike Helmets.

Moon Adult Bicycle Helmets
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Bell Disney Minnie Mouse Bike Helmet
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Bell Child and Toddler Bike Helmets
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  1. Full-Face Cycling Helmets

Full-face helmets are the go-to motorcycle helmets that provide unmatched protection. Similarly, these cycling helmets provide extreme protection for extreme off-road cycling, such as going down steep hills. They resemble motorcycle helmets only that they are relatively lightweight and have fewer air vents.

Full-face cycling helmets feature additional built-in chin guards and full visors that keep mud, rain, and unexpected flying debris away. Some examples of these helmets include the Bell Super 3R Helmets with MIPS.

Bell Super 3R Helmets with MIPS.
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  1. Triathlon Helmets

As you may know, Triathlon is all about speed. Therefore, triathlon helmets have a goal of providing much aerodynamics as possible. They are smooth and rounded to allow efficient airflow over the helmet when riding at high speeds. Triathlon helmets are common with cyclists on time trial bikes riding on aerodynamic positions. Some helmets have a pointed back design, which is deemed efficient for speed.

Best examples of triathlon helmet include the Rock Bros Aero TT Helmet, Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet, and Basecamp Bike Helmet.

Rock Bros Aero TT Helmet
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Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet
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Basecamp Bike Helmet.
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The Bottom Line

Whereas it is true that having a helmet is better than having none, ensure that you choose one that suits your riding style. Helmet designs, over time, have evolved for various reasons, including enhancing protection, speed, and appearance. For every reason, you should decide which feature is crucial to bettering your riding escapades. If it comes to making the best bike helmets decision between protection and fashion, think of your head.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

best motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle helmets can mean the difference between life and death of a motorcycle rider. They provide impact protection to the head, face, and ears, with modern helmets also having intercommunication features. Whereas they may not prevent serious injuries in case of fatal accidents, wearing the best motorcycle helmet reduces the chances of getting serious injuries.

Unlike traditional helmets, modern motorcycle helmets are made from durable plastics reinforced with carbon fiber. They also feature fabric with a foam interior for utmost protection and comfort. In the event you are involved in an accident, they break absorbing the impact of the crash, instead of your head.

If you are an avid rider, you definitely understand that motorcycle helmets are available in various types and styles. Understanding the various types is the key to making a prudent purchase decision. That said, below are the common types of best motorcycle helmets available on the market

Dual Sports Helmets

Dual sport helmets arose from the increasing popularity of adventure touring, hyper-motard riding and dual-sports. At a glance, these helmets more or less resemble dirt bike helmets but with slight design re-engineering. They are best for street use at above-average highway speeds.

They are excellent off-road riding helmets as they provide improved ventilation through the ducts and vents, and the face shields can easily flip down. You can as well flip the shield upwards and use goggles. Dual sports helmets differ with dirt-bike helmets in that they have permanently integrated chin bars that provide better jaw protection. Their glare-reducing sun peaks are also not subject to aerodynamic lifts with increasing speed.

To ensure maximum rider’s comfort, dual sport helmets have dense insulation. This provides better warmth than dirt-bike helmets and sound muffling. There are a lot more technological intricacies with dual sports helmets, with all gearing for multipurpose use. They are a good choice for those who need a functional helmet for on-road and off-road riding.

The Arai XD4 Helmet, Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Helmet, and AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Helmet are good models.

Arai xd4 helmet
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Gmax GM11D Dual Sport Helmet,
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AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Helmet
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  • Improved ventilation
  • Permanent chin bars
  • Multipurpose use
  • Dense insulation


  • Hot during summer

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets are a long-time favorite choice for low-speed bikers and scooter riders. This type of helmets covers the top, back, and sides of the head, leaving the facial areas exposed. Their design provides an inherently vintage feel that auger well with stylish street motorists.

Compared to full face and dual sports helmets, open face helmets score less in terms of providing the rider’s safety. This is because of their open-face design and absence of permanent chin bars.  As such, it is prudent to wear goggles as an additional layer of protection for your eyes when using them.

That aside, riders enjoy the airy feel of riding in this helmet. The only limitation to the feel is during rainy or dusty weather conditions. However, modern helmets from various manufacturers feature Snap-on eye protection that solves these problems.

The best open face helmets include the

Gmax GM65 Naked Helmets
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Shoei J Cruise Helmet
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HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Helmet.
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  • Good wide visibility
  • Less hot during summer
  • Fits easily in scooter
  • Multiple variants


  • Less facial protection
  • Cold during winter
  • Riders feel more noise at high speeds

Half Helmets

Streetwise referred to as brain buckets, half helmets are perfect for style and riders who want to enjoy some breeze on their rides. Half helmets technically provide minimum head coverage of the top, side, and rear areas of the head. Due to their half design, you will enjoy the sights fully, hear sounds clearly, and smell aromas better than when using any other helmet. These features explain why vintage classics and cruiser bike riders value them.

Brain buckets capture the ideal image of motorcycling freedom. The airflow and lightweight cannot be compared to any other helmet. For better facial and mouth protection from bugs and road grit, you can incorporate goggles, sunglasses, and bandannas. However, some models have a detachable muzzle that eliminates the need for bandannas.

Some of the best half helmet models include the Skid Lid Original Bomber Pinup Half Helmet and Cyber Helmets Solid Style Half Shell Helmet.

Skid Lid Original Bomber
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Cyber Helmets Solid Style Half Shell Helmet.
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  • Unlimited sight
  • Better hearing
  • Lightweight


  • Not safe

Off-Road Helmets

As the name suggests, Off-road helmets are best for riders looking to get off the streets into dirt roads. These helmets are clearly distinct from regular full-face helmets due to their sun peaks and pronounced angular chin bars. Since dirt-bike riding requires a lot of physicalities and done during warm weather, off-road helmets are designed with minimal weight and maximum ventilation.

Off-road helmets have several features that make them suitable for dirt-bike riding. First is the adjustable sun peak attachments that keep the sun glare out of the rider’s eyes, especially when riding uphill or downhill at various angles. Sun peaks also block dirt and mud if you are riding behind another rider on a dirt trail.

Due to the lightweight and minimal insulation, users hear most of the external noise from dirt bike helmets. This is beneficial when riding at lower speeds on rough terrains when the sounds are essential to determine if the tires are skidding, sliding, or maintaining good contact. However, such noise can be unpleasant during high-speed riding.

To promote the cool temperatures, off-road helmets feature less insulation pads with one-piece construction that provide a superior level of protection. Since they are not intended for high-speed riding, dirt bike helmets lack a wind visor. Therefore, riders are encouraged to use goggles instead of eye protection. This doubles as an advantage as cleaning goggles is pretty easy if everything gets covered in mud.

The best off-road helmets models include the FXR Clutch CX helmets, Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmets

FXR Clutch CX helmet
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Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet
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  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Adjustable sun peaks


  • Minimal insulation
  • Not good for street riding

Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are increasingly becoming popular as more riders aspire to enjoy more versatility from their daily helmets of choice. These helmets are typically the best of both worlds, allowing riders to wear them in a full-face setup with a chin bar and face shield or as an open helmet with chin bar lifted.

Construction and design of modular helmets are quite similar to full-face helmets. They have an included visor for eye protection and, at times, a secondary internal visor that provides additional eye protection from sunlight. Modular helmets weigh slightly more than full-face helmets due to their hinge design incorporated in the flip-up area.

They feature straightforward eye openings and lower sitting chin bar for better comfort. Some models have Bluetooth speakers and anti-fogging coating on primary visors for better riding experience. These helmets are common with cruisers, touring and adventure riders looking for riding versatility.

The best modular helmets on the market include the HJC RPHA90 Darth Vader Helmet, Speed and Strength SS1710 Helmet, and Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon Helmet.

HJC RPHA90 Darth Vader Helmet
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Speed and Strength SS1710 Helmet
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Scorpion EXO-AT950 Neocon Helmet
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  • Better eye protection
  • Above-average rider’s safety
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wide eye-opening


  • Few sporty options available

Full-Face Helmets

Full-face helmets are probably the crème de la crème of helmet. They cover the front, top, and back of your head, providing the best possible protection compared to other helmets. Full-face helmets are typically round and bubble-shaped but feature aerodynamic inclusions that provide suitable riding positions. Regardless of their shape and look, they are structurally stronger and long-lasting.

Some of the incredible features of this best motorcycle helmet include;

  • Safety – despite the fact that there is no industry standard helmet rating to compare all the helmets with, full-face helmets provide the best possible level of protection. They have satisfactory SNELL and SHARP safety rating.
  • Easy operational face shield – high-end models of full-face helmets have an easy face-shield removal mechanism.
  • Wide eye port opening – some full-face helmets provide a wide eye port openings than others. This is especially important to sport bike owners who need a better opening to compensate for the low handlebars.
  • Easy to clean helmet line – factually, you will sweat a lot when riding, especially during the summer. However, the detachable helmet line makes it easy to remove and clean. This not only improves the hygiene of the helmet but also extends the life and provides better comfort.
  • Included chin bar shirt – this cool feature prevents air from swirling into the helmet.
  • Adjustable pads – users can add or remove variable size pads to provide a snug fit.
  • Air vents – full-face helmets have air vents that are handy when it gets hot inside. The ventilation system keeps the inner temperatures cool and prevents visor fogging.

Some of the best full-face models include the Bell RSD Bluetooth Street Bike Helmet, Schuberth  Helmets, and

LS2 Stream Solid Full-Face Helmets


Bell RSD Bluetooth Street Bike Helmet
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Schuberth Helmet
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LS2 Stream Solid Full-Face Helmet.
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  • Best possible protection
  • Quiet
  • Less cold during winter
  • Better aerodynamics
  • Bluetooth and intercom features


  • May be hot in summer
  • Some have a small field of view

The Bottom Line

When searching for the best motorcycle helmet, begin by thinking about your riding position. For instance, does your bike requires crouching or sitting upright? For every riding position, choose a helmet that provides better visibility and ergonomics. The riding surface, helmet weight, desired visibility, speed, and temperatures are essential considerations when buying a helmet of your choice.


Best Cricket Helmet

Best Cricket Helmets Brands

Cricket helmets are an essential piece of cricket protective gear for cricket players of all levels, including batsmen, close fielders, and wicket keepers. They protect the head from flying cricket balls, making it an essential accessory for all games. Like any other sports gear, the wide array of cricket helmets may make it daunting to find the best helmet.

There is no single perfect cricket helmet, but there is always one that is right for you. The various types and brands available on the market may make it challenging to select the right choice. Below are some of the best cricket helmets brands available on the market.


  1. Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmet

The Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets are popular and widely used cricket helmets. The manufacturer, Gray Nicolls, have evolved their helmets over time in terms of material use and design. Modern helmets from this brand have reduced weight and increased player comfort whilst maintaining quality protection.

What gives confidence to the majority of those who prefer this brand is that Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets was the first manufacturer to receive approval of Australian and British standards. Overall, helmets from this brand provide a perfect balance between comfort, durability, and protection.

If you would like to try the Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets products, the Gray Nicolls Atomic Cricket Helmet and Gray Nicolls Test Opener Cricket Helmet are good options.

Gray Nicolls Test Opener Helmet

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Gray Nicolls Atomic Cricket Helmets

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  1. Masuri Cricket Helmet

Masuri Vision Series Cricket Helmets are another well-established British designed helmets widely used in the international cricket games. Masuri prides in being always on the forefront of innovation, having invested heavily to boost the safety and performance of their helmets in a bid to meet the demands of modern gaming.

The Masuri Vision Series Cricket Helmets are a common scene in international games, thanks to their high level of impact protection and unbeatable comfort. The brand offers both steel and titanium grille options for players to choose their preferred construction.

Some of the best categories of Masuri Cricket Helmets include the Masuri Core Range helmets, Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmets, and the Masuri Vision Series Test Cricket Helmets.

Masuri Vision Series Elite Helmets

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Masuri Vision Series Test Cricket Helmets

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  1. Shrey Cricket Helmet

Shrey Cricket Helmets are another common household name in the world of cricket helmets. These helmets are engineered to provide maximum comfort and are lightweight yet doesn’t compromise on the quality of protection that they offer. Like other best products on the market, these helmets provide increased face, side, and back protection. The wide coverage is a guarantee of ultimate protection from these helmets.

Among the best Shrey Cricket Helmets on the market, including the Shrey Air 2.0 Steel Wicket Keeping Helmet, Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet, and the Shrey Armor Cricket Helmet.

Shrey Air 2.0 Steel Wicket Keeping Helmet,

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Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Titanium Cricket Helmet

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Shrey Armor Cricket Helmet.

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  1. Kookaburra Cricket Helmet

The Kookaburra Cricket Helmets represent excellent value helmets that won’t let you down in terms of comfort and protection. The manufacturer claims that these helmets are developed with a comfort fit concept, where two sizes of helmets are accommodated in a single helmet type. Comfort fit technology also provides better fit and comfort to players.

To improve the overall experience, the Kookaburra Cricket Helmets leverage KCS dial, which allows players to adjust the helmet with ease for a better fit. Note that helmets with good fit provide better vision and protects the players better. Also, as with other high-end models, these helmets have airflow vents inside and outside the helmet that assure convenient airflow is achieved.

Some of the best Kookaburra Cricket Helmets include the Kookaburra Pro 400 Cricket Helmet, Kookaburra Pro 1500 Helmet, and the Kookaburra Pro 1200 Helmets.

Kookaburra Pro  Cricket Helmet

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  1. Gunn & Moore Cricket Helmet

Since inception, the Gunn & Moore Cricket Helmets have delivered high-quality cricket head protection gear that meets all the industry standards. Their products comply with updated international regulations requiring that helmets should provide great impact absorption and a perfect fit. The inclusion of GEO Steel Grille greatly reduces the chances of the cricket ball penetrating the gap, which is a common phenomenon with low-quality cricket helmets.

The Gunn & Moore Cricket Neon Geo Pro Cricket Helmets and the Gunn & Moore Cricket Purist Geo II Cricket Helmet are just but a few quality helmets from Gunn & Moore.

Gunn & Moore Cricket Purist Geo II Cricket

Buy on Amazon

  1. Hunts County Cricket Helmet

The Hunts County Cricket Helmets offer a wide selection of affordable cricket helmets. Hunts County is probably a lesser-known manufacturer that has a great selection of helmets on the market. Their products perfectly suit cricket enthusiasts who need quality helmets, but on a budget. They also provide various categories, including senior and junior helmets for adults and kids.

The Hunts County Xero Cricket Helmet is a preferred purchase by most who have tried products from this brand.


  1. MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmet

The MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmets are the first-ever brand to extend the lower head protection design in cricket helmets. With this configuration, players won’t require a stem guard, thus reducing the weight of the helmet whilst improving the level of protection provided. The front design of MoonWallkr helmet is designed from extensive research that offers the best shape for clear vision without compromising the helmet’s safety.

These helmets also have up to 30 air vents that provide the best air ventilation for the wearer. The aerodynamic design also reduces the impact force as it deflects the ball instead of resisting. On the interior, the pliable eps foam provides maximum comfort for the player to sustain even the toughest forces. The MoonWallkr Mind Cricket Helmet is a good helmet option from this brand.


The Bottom Line

Just like other sports accessories, cricket helmets come with various features. Therefore, you should identify the various features that characterize the best cricket helmet. For instance, find helmets that offer the utmost durability, comfort, and protection. Note that the material construction of the helmets determines the quality of the helmet.

Every brand has helmets that suit different players and their roles in the game. For instance, all brands have wicket-keeping helmets that suit wickets. Similarly, all manufacturers also provide junior helmets that suit young enthusiastic cricket players.