2022 Visa Bulletin is out

Visa announcement for the DV2022 handling year is out. The numbers are low. Hypothetically, cases underneath these numbers in every area (or nation where it says “with the exception of), would be booked for meet. Yet, to be planned your DS260 AND reports prepared by KCC. Since KCC have been centered around DV2021 preparing, that relatively few cases would really be prepared for planning. if your case number is UNDER these numbers, that implies your case is “current” however may be planned in case you are “prepared for booking” (otherwise called “DQ” or “Documentarily Qualified”). Assuming your case becomes DQ sometime in the future, you would be planned for the following accessible month subsequent to being DQ (subject to the government office having limit).

Those that are current, and have structures prepared and records sufficiently early, can typically anticipate their 2NL in the following 2 to 3 weeks from now. This should be a similar consistently. VB from the eighth to the fifteenth of every month, and 2NLs in the second 50% of the month. Throughout the previous few months there have been 2NLs in every day clumps. would expect all the October talk with 2NLs to have all been sent before the current month’s over..

Handling is fanned out over the entire year. You can see the improvement of the two earlier years in this post about essential inquiries. In any case, a few nations have a high number of selectees and those selectees are packed in the lower case numbers. For different reasons, essentially to do with government office limit, KCC delayed down specific nations when contrasted with the district. So – in Africa, any case with a case number displayed as under the new number can be met yet for cases from Egypt, that number is lower. That is definitely not a major issue, it just “dials back” those nations somewhat more than the remainder of the locale. Since selectees from those nations all have lower case numbers, this dialing back doesn’t present any danger. It doesn’t (now) mean they will not permit all selectees a meeting from those nations.